“iPS cells are the future. This is what drives us.”
(Johannes Grillari)

regina grillari

Regina Grillari

Regina Grillari is associate professor for cellular biology since 2008 leading a group focused on the establishment of human in vitro cell cultures at the Department of Biotechnology, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Austria. During this time her group has shown that human life span extended cell cultures that have retained their original primary like functions are valuable model systems for in vitro testings, as well as novel hosts for the production of complex biopharmaceuticals. Additionally, a method was established that allows the reprogramming of urine-derived cells towards induced pluripotent stem cells. Regina Grillari has authored and co-authored more than 60 scientific publications and book chapters, and 5 patents. She is also co-founder of Evercyte GmbH, where she serves as Chief Technology Officer as well as TAmiRNA GmbH, where she offers her expertise as scientific advisor.

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johannes grillari

Johannes Grillari

Johannes Grillari has been working as associate professor and group leader at the Department of Biotechnology / University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Austria since 2006. His research has focused on getting insights into molecular mechanisms that trigger the onset of cellular aging and age-associated diseases.

During his scientific career Johannes Grillari has authored and co-authored more than 95 research articles in SCI journals, several book chapters, 10 patents and was invited speaker to more than 120 international meetings. He is also co-founder of Evercyte GmbH, where he is Chief Scientific Officer as well as TAmiRNA, where he offers his experience as scientific advisor.

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otto kanzler

Otto Kanzler

Otto Kanzler is working in process- and business development in the biotech industry for more that 35 years now.

Since 2007 he is serving as Management Consultant for production and technology-development for biotech and pharma-industry, specified for strategic and economic issues. Between 1993 and 2007 he was department head at Boehringer Ingelheim Austria, responsible for the economic issues of the industrial biopharmaceutical business. Prior to this he was head of process development for biopharmaceutical processes at Boehringer Ingelheim Austria.

Otto Kanzler is a serial entrepreneur having founded and co-founded several companies, all of which are still active.

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otto kanzler

Klaus Graumann

Klaus joined Phoenestra as designated CEO and co-founder from Novartis where - over more than 17 years - he held several key positions in Biopharmaceutical development organizations.

Most recently, Klaus was responsible for late-stage Technical Development. He contributed to development and commercialization of more than 10 innovative and biosimilar products which are now on the market and many more clinical development projects. He brings in excellent understanding of GMP and quality requirements and is deeply convinced that many of the recent advances in development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals can benefit the maturation of cell-based technologies and products.

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